Friday, 1 February 2019

Imran compared to Trump by man who called Trump jackass

Visiting US Senator Lindsey Graham, while adulating Prime Minister Imran Khan, contrasted him with US President Donald Trump, a man whom he had called an 'ass' in the keep running up to the 2016 decisions. 

Representative Graham said PM Khan was a specialist of progress, much like President Trump, a man whose decision as president for the US he called 'like getting shot in the head.' 

Imran Khan should meet President Donald Trump soon, the best of whose guarantee to 'make America extraordinary once more' was to 'slaughter Donald Trump' as indicated by Senator Graham. 

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham was asked in amid the Republican Primaries (intra-party decisions) about which of the two leaders he might want as the Grand Old Party's contender for President. He had answered that it resembled requesting to pick between being harmed or shot in the head. 

He had compared Ted Cruz to the toxin. While at last – and reluctantly – embracing Senator Cruz, he said "for toxic substance, at any rate there may be an antitoxin."

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