Friday, 1 February 2019

New media regulatory authority to unify bodies responsible for censoring, abducting, killing journalists

ISLAMABAD – Federal Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry on Thursday declared an expansive blueprint of the recently proposed Pakistan Media Removal Authority (PMRA) to manage blue penciling, stealing and killing of columnists. 

Following the declaration partners, including columnists, whined that they had not been counseled on the issue about whether there was a requirement for such a body. 

Amid a media preparation, Chaudhry said the PTI government would evacuate all media until "nobody can criticize anybody under the new law". 

In the midst of uneasy signals by columnists, he told the media that the legislature was chipping away at a proposition to bring all media evacuation bodies under the proposed PMRA. This would be finished by combining every single existing body in charge of blue penciling, snatching and executing columnists from print, TV and computerized media. 

"We are displaying a one-window task to address objections and other expulsion parts of the controlling the media," Chaudhry said. 

"So that rather than various individuals being entrusted with blue penciling, stealing and executing columnists, it would be brought together into one body that would do all the controlling, kidnapping and slaughtering," he included. 

The data serve said the draft had been sent to Pemra, PCP and other media bodies including Council of Pakistan Newspapers Editors, All Pakistan Newspapers Society and the Pakistan Broadcasting Association.

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